Our Mission

Loudoun’s Future was established by concerned citizens who recognized the need to safeguard Loudoun’s natural resources, farms, villages and communities.

We believe that citizens, not developers, should decide the future of the county.

Protect Suburban Loudoun

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Suburban Loudoun has great neighborhoods but it needs more amenities. It also faces threats from congestion, overcrowding and intrusive uses.

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There is a shortage of parks, trails and green spaces.

date center

Data centers can intrude, but common sense regulations and discussions can mitigate their impact. Their developers can mean well, and Loudoun’s Future can offer ways to reconcile differences between them and neighborhoods.

Protect Rural Loudoun

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Rural Loudoun is blessed with beauty – mountains, farms, villages, forests, winding rural roads and waterways. It is threatened with overcrowding, commercialization, closings of community schools and high-density housing.


We support agriculture, preservation of rural roads, controlling intense uses such as breweries and event centers, and above all, reducing residential density, for the character of the county and to prevent even more traffic.

Loudoun from the air

The historic rural villages, like Waterford, are a critical part of Loudoun’s identity. So are community schools many of which are threatened with closure.

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“This land is your land.”

That’s the title of an old folk song, but the words apply today. Business interests think of Loudoun, particularly its rural areas, as fruit to be plucked. The County has a myriad of committees and boards that deal with land use issues and which are filled with citizens and business representatives. We believe that only citizen-members should have voting privileges.

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Loudoun’s Future, Inc. is a PAC – a political action committee. We will promote our mission in the political realm with the Board of Supervisors elections: Meeting candidates, making targeted contributions, following up during their terms in office, engaging where necessary.

County Government
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We can work as mediators or influencers, but when we need to, we will advocate intelligently and energetically on critical issues.


Nuts ‘N Bolts

We have a number of specific goals and tasks, and this one is fundamental: The new zoning ordinance is far from perfect, as is the new Comprehensive Plan. We will push the Board to have a citizens’ committee review these key documents and suggest revisions and updates.

county buildings
planning docs

Imaginative tools can help save rural lands.

We will strongly support PDRs and TDRs (Purchase of Development Rights and Transfer of Development Rights.)

In a PDR program, the County pays a landowner to relinquish the right to develop his property. A farmer, for example, could sell his development rights to the County for cash, while still keeping his farm. The County would do this in order to avoid the real fiscal impact of future houses.

TDR’s are private-sector transactions. That farmer could transfer his development rights to someone in a more urban area who needs extra density for a project there. No County funds would be needed.


As they say, money is the lifeblood of politics. Your contribution will help save what we love.